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Schmuel Song
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The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown, depicts the conscious uncoupling of two people who cannot learn to love selflessly. The musical follows Jamie and Cathy’s relationship from first date to divorce. The unique element lying within the timelines of the two characters story line, Jamie’s is told from beginning to end whilst Cathy’s is in reverse. The way Brown plays with the chronology of the narrative allows for a unique opportunity to explore a microcosm of present day relationships.


The design process and decisions documented in this report follow the path taken to reach the final key design concepts: rotation, illustration and animation. A fusion of traditional, hand drawn illustrations and modern technology allow the narrative to be expressed in a genuine, intimate manner, exploiting the raw human emotion that lies beneath. The challenges of a set design for an unusual narrative are addressed in a mature, sensitive manner whilst creating dynamism that takes you on the couple’s journey and into their world.

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I'm Still Hurting 1B
I'm Still Hurting 1C
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Schmuel Song
The Next 10 Minutes Part 1
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Climbing Up Hill
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