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CAD in Regent's Park

August 7, 2015


For the past week I have been interning with innovision, an agency who describe themselves as live events and experience pioneers.


 ‘In the age of shared experiences, we transform live and digital spaces to create unforgettable moments in time.’


They work with some big name clients such as BBC, Puma and Red Bull. Even though you have probably never heard of them they have created some iconic moments such as the Olympic Rings over Tower Bridge during London 2012. Their way of thinking is unique, fun and exciting, check out the laser cut bananas on their Instagram for the perfect example. They’ve also got a killer soundtrack going on in the studio which I cannot complain about.

Image Credit: http://londonspotter.com/2015/07/14/tower-bridge-a-life-going-up-and-down/



So what have I been doing this week? Well everyday I’ve been making my way to the Inner Circle of Regent’s Park, possibly the best location for a design studio in my eyes and have been working on some new briefs that have recently come in. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about those but what I can tell you about is the new software I have been learning. At uni, we are taught, how to use AutoCad and there was a vague attempt that failed to teach us 3DS Max, two products which don’t seem to be used widely within our industry. innovision use VectorWorks and Cinema 4D for rendering and with just one day on each programme I already feel more confident in both of these than I do with either of the aforementioned programmes.  



Both VectorWorks and Cinema 4D are much more user friendly than any other CAD software I used. They’re more sophisticated and accurate than SketchUp yet still produce the quality of AutoCAD and 3DS Max without the complicated navigating of their system.

Thanks to the wonderful tutorials of Greyscalegorilla, I managed to create this quick animation on Cinema 4D, obviously I have a long way to go but it’s still a lot more than I could do at the beginning of the day. I plan on tackling more challenging tutorials before heading back to uni and spending all my time producing beautiful visuals.


I've had a great week with innovision and hope that maybe in the future I can return as a full time memeber of staff. 




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