There has been the same amount of water on Earth since time began, so why is water scarcity such a pressing issue? With the UN predicting that by 2030 the world will be facing 40% water scarcity if nothing changes (WWAP, 2015), it has never been more relevant for an exhibition enlightening children on the value of water to be created. On a daily basis, an individual uses 150 litres of water in the UK (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2008), but most children couldn’t explain why it is so important or what happens to it once it goes down the drain. Using modern technology and engaging graphic design, ‘Drip Drop... Stop.’ aims to engage children, helping them to understand the background and importance of water science
and conservation.


My Planet
My Body
My Home
My City
My Country
Our Future

‘Drip, Drop… Stop.’ is a large scale children’s playground, where they are expected to run, play and interact with the exhibition. This notion has been enhanced by the key visual cues of scale and theatricality. The exhibition has taken an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ persona; as the narrative progresses the visitor find
themselves seeing the journey that water takes from that of a water drop in the human body to an astronaut looking down on earth from space. This differing scale was chosen to enhance the narrative, give it life, personality and an edge different to other children’s exhibitions. By throwing the visitor into the different environments it truly immerses them in the story.

Theatricality is the keystone to the exhibition’s design, each zone is a set for the story to unfold within and the guest to explore. From the exaggerated scale of ‘My Body’ and ‘My Home’, to the reality of ‘My City’ and ‘My Country’, the different sizes play with the perspective the narrative is being told from and aims to encourage the visitor to look at their water usage and preconceptions from a different angle. Due to the lack of traditional exhibition elements and the informality of the exhibition setting, the guest is able to relax thus enjoying the exhibition and aiding learning.