Brief - Create an exhibition to compliment the new International Bomber Command Memorial centre using only the digital archive and no physical artefacts. The goal of the exhibition is to allow the ‘Orchestra of Voices’ to be heard and tell the different sides of the Bomber Command story both from the allied and enemy sides. The challenge was to design an immersive exhibition space, where people can explore and engage with the orchestra  of voices and all aspects of Bomber Command.


The theme of the response was ‘Two Sides’ because every story from Bomber Command has two sides this could be the British bomber and the German civilian who gets caught up in the blast or the woman working in the canteen and the politician she is serving. They all have their stories and they all deserve to be heard.


The narrative of the exhibition takes Bomber Command right back to it’s most basic routes, asking questions like ‘What is Bomber Command?’ and displaying an interactive timeline so everyone can learn and understand what happen, not just those who are involved.


It is important for the continuation of learning and understanding so that the next generation are aware of  past events and how they shaped their future.